Map of approximately 600 Atlas transportation-and-warehousing centers in North America
Personal Movers provides transportation and warehousing services across the U.S. and Canada through a network of approximately 650 Atlas agency locations.


Location, location, location.

When your relocation project calls for warehousing, Personal Movers brings the experience and capacity for any storage challenge. Customers have trusted our expertise in transportation and warehousing for years. With our network of approximately 500 Atlas agencies, we connect with the resources of quality warehousing companies across the U.S. and Canada all from our location in the Boston area. What's more, when you need a global solution, our partnerships ensure quality warehouse storage almost anywhere.

Get a tailored storage solution.

Our service begins with an understanding of your expectations. What goods are you needing to warehouse? When and where will you need delivery? What special storage considerations do you have?

Next, we develop a transportation and warehousing proposal that answers you most efficiently. We select facilities with the features you need for security. And we choose the locations that best serve your delivery time frame.

Industrial warehousing features.

  • Security. Video and audio monitoring systems. Authorized access only.
  • Safety. Smoke and fire detection and suppression systems.
  • Environment. Temperature-controlled storage for climate-sensitive items.
  • Warehouse Inventory Management. Computerized systems to monitor goods in and out, with detailed status reporting. 


For more information.

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